DIY Redneck Camper Awnings and Cabana

If video does not show click on this link  DIY Homemade Camper Awning and Cabana

Here is a very easy do it yourself homemade awning / cabana for a cargo trailer conversion camper, pop up camper or RV using heavy duty tarps.

First I used 4 eye screws to attach the tarp to the trailer with carabiners. 

IF you have any other suggestions please leave them in the comment section.

Drill and place an eye screw to line up for each tarp hole. Then use carabiners, tarp bungees or even rope to attach the heavy duty tarp to eye screws on trailer.

Then attach two tent poles staked with rope on each opposite side.  I would use two rope lines on each pole.

Next I also used two more heavy duty tarps for side panels.  These attach easy with tarp bungee cords. The ones with the ball on the ends. One on the back and one on the side.

So far this is perfect and was very inexpensive to do. 

DIY Camper Awning and Cabana
Redneck DIY Camper Awning

Here are all the links to materials. 

Simple DIY Camper AWNINGS Part List

You may even have some of these things laying around the house.


Zelta Nickel Steel 1-3/4 Inch Lag Eyebolts Thread Eye Screws, 12 Pieces Set


Coleman Steel Replacement Tent Pole, 8-Foot ( one pole)

Green Elephant Telescoping Tarp Poles Set of 2 – Adjustable Aluminum Rods for Tents and Tarps – Awning Poles for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, More – Portable, Lightweight Replacement Tent Poles upto 7’6″ –


5 Carabiner Aluminum Random Multiple Color


(Walmart Ozark Trail Heavy-Duty Tarps, These are great tarps that hold up well. We have been using them for years. Inexpensive and easy to replace)

Ozark Trail Heavy-Duty Tarp, Silver/Brown   6×8′ – $5.97

Ozark Trail Heavy-Duty Tarp, Silver/Brown 8×10  $10.97


MilSpec Paracord/Parachute Cord, 8 or 11 Strands, 600 or 800 lb. Break Strength. Guaranteed Military Specification Compliant, 550 or 750 Survival Cord, Made in USA. 2 EBooks & Copy of MIL-C-5040H.


Heavy Duty 10-1/2″ Metal Tent Peg with Glow-in-the-Dark Stopper (10-Pack)


STREAMERS for rope lines

100′ Bulk Deluxe American Flag Pennant Banner – 100 U.S. Flags for 4th of July, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day

60 Metre Large Pennant Banner,90 Pcs Multicolor Grand Opening Flags Outdoor Material Fabric Bunting for Garden,Wedding,Birthday Party Decorations

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