Easy DIY Camper Sink and Faucet – Cargo Trailer RV Conversion

UPDATE on our 6×14 cargo Trailer RV Camper Office conversion… “Rolling Thunder… Cabin on wheels”

Easy DIY camper sink and faucet setup

Now you can have running fresh water anywhere.

All you need is a sink, faucet, tubing, pump, battery, fittings, drain baffle and two water cooler jugs.

I used a pull down faucet, got a splitter and hooked the hot and cold to the pump. This also has a soap dispenser that we really love.

One of the water cooler jugs act as your gray tank so the draining water is contained.

Please note:  the black hose I have in here needs to be changed out.  Please make sure you use food beverage grade tubing.

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