Rustic Pallet Window Coverings with LED Lights – Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion

6×14 Cargo Trailer Camper Tiny House RV Budget Conversion, “Rolling Thunder”, cabin on wheels.

Rustic Pallet Window Coverings with LED Lights

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Check out these cool blinds with pallet wood window coverings and the led stripe lights underneath.  Made with 1″ x 5 1/2″ ,  home depot pallet wood paneling for backing and real pallet wood for facing.

Still need to trim out the face of them with strips of pallet wood before clear coating.

Propane tanks are mounted but still need to be hooked up. Need to find a splitter and quick connect shut off for the header buddy.

Flip up table is done and ready to use.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece.   Shelves on the front by the door for shoes and such.

Plus storage underneath and then when the table is down it holds everything in place when trailer is in in motion.

Lights Click here.

I used these clips to mount. They have screws and easy to install. I never trust tape to hold up especially when it gets hot.  Clips – Click here.

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