Vinyl Graphics or Decals – Easy Way to Spruce Up the Outside of Camper Rig

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Vinyl Graphics Decals Stickers

Love this easy way to spruce up the outside of your Cargo trailer camper conversion, RV, camper trailer, van or even a car is with vinyl graphics or decals. 

They are pretty inexpensive and easy to install.  They are also waterproof.

These will last a long time because of being one color.  I have one on the back of my SUV for 14 years now and it still looks good as new. ( SUV is not outside full time. Garage or shade)

camper decals graphics

If you do photo images with lots of colors they will fade if in the sun full time so I would say you get about 5 years out of those.

For the Graphic Install

 I like using what is called “the hinged wet method” to install. 

You tape a line down the center of the graphic and work each side until complete as you will see the in the video above.    

You start from the center and work your way out with up and down motions with your Squeegee

Tools and Items you will need to do the installation.

  • Scissors or knife
  • Rubbing alcohol to clean the surface
  • Masking tape
  • Soft cloth
  • Spray bottle with a couple drops of liquid soap
  • Squeegee  ( here is a nice cheap kit)

How the Graphic / Decals Will Arrive and Prep

Your graphic will most likely arrive in a tube or long narrow box. Take it out and flatten for a day before the install.

It is also best to go over the graphic with a squeegee on a flat surface to make sure the design sticks to the top layer and get any bubbles or creases out from shipping.

Doing the Installation of Vinyl Graphics

These vinyl graphics can be temperature sensitive. Cold weather does not work well and hot in the sun is not good either. Try to install in the shade if all possible on a medium warm day.

First clean the area with rubbing alcohol.

Make small pieces of masking tape and stick to the trailer for easy access to get the graphic in place. Once you figure out placement.

camper graphics

Tape the middle from top to bottom. Remove the bottom film on one side and cut with a blade or scissors. Spray the surface and back of the graphic with soapy water. You can watch my install in the video.

trailer vinyl graphics decals

Next flatten to surface and work from the center out with the squeegee.  Up and down motions till all the water is out.  I would let it dry about ten mins before taking off the final outside film off.

Rv vinyl graphics decals

Etsy and Amazon are a good source for camper vinyl decals, graphics and stickers.

For custom graphics I recommend Jenny at Jade decals she also has an Etsy shop.

Custom Decals

Eds Sticker shop is very good also

 Deer and Mountains –×27-decal

Bear and Cub

Vinyl Graphics Decals On Amazon

Tree Forest

Mountain Scene

Mountain Decals Tree Forest DIY Vinyl Graphic for Camper RV Trailer (A-Black)

MOTORHOME STRIPES -Camper Van Horsebox RV Sticker Caravan Decal Graphic tu-752 (black)

2 RV Trailer Truck Boat Accent Stripe Decals Graphics Color Choice- MGB182 (Black)

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